I was diagnosed, like so many millions of others, with breast cancer in August of 2016. I started 6 months of chemo in September, had a bilateral mastectomy in February 2017 and decided not to reconstruct. I thought I would enjoy being flat chested, but it bothered me more than I thought it would. I searched the internet looking for a solution that I could afford and that would be easy to deal with. I didn't like any of it and for the first time since diagnosis, I was really down and out.


I went to my sewing machine one Saturday to sew and the thought struck me to try to make some forms. The first set I made were a little rough but I loved them!


Through trial and error, I created a pattern and researched fillers that would be affordable, durable, and the desired weight. Busties Breast Forms was born because we know there are countless women out there that are unhappy with the prosthetics we have available to us and end up dealing with and settling for discomfort. It's our wish for you to try these forms and it's our hope that you will love them as much as we do.