Handmade breast forms that are affordable, comfortable, and easy to wear.  Priced at less than $50 each.

The shell of the regular comfort style is a durable 100% polyester scuba knit that is soft against sensitive skin.  Filled with high density plastic pellets and a small amount of polyester filler for shape.  These can be worn in normal bras and sports bras.  Pocketed mastectomy bras are not needed.  The photos to the right are of me wearing a simple comfortable sports style bra.  I'm also wearing my pre-mastectomy bras and swimsuits again.  I have an identical twin sister who tells me she can't tell I'm wearing breast forms.

The exterior of the Patent Pending swim style is made of durable polyester power netting and filled with the same high density plastic pellets.  The outer shell allows water to move through the breast form which eliminates the waterlogged effect.  These can be worn in normal swimwear.  No bra pockets necessary.

The regular Busties can be hand washed in soapy water, rinsed, and air dried.  They wash nicely and continue to hold their normal shape.

The Busties for swimming can be rinsed out after a day at the pool and air dried.

Weight and dimensions of each style can be found in the detail section of each listing.  Please note: weight and dimension may vary slightly due to changes in available supplies and materials. 

If you are one of the millions out there who are in need of breast prosthetics, we hope you will give Busties a try.

Me Without Busties
Me With Busties